About Us

The Illinois Old Time Fiddlers Association is a non-for-profit organization. Formed in 1966, the association is dedicated to reviving and furthering Old Time Fiddle Music, to the preserving of the Old Time Tunes and fiddling techniques, and to the passing on of this traditional form of entertainment to the younger generation. We welcome anyone who shares these goals to become a member of this association, share your enthusiasm, and contribute your expertise to help achieve these goals.

Charter Members
•Ernest Ringo
•Deloris Ringo
•Owen Griffith
•Homer Little
•Archie Smothers
•Woodrow Groves
•Homer Jones
•Melving Holley
Joining the IOTFA is easy and Inexpensive!

Membership is only $5.00 annually for an individual or $10.00 annually for a family.

If you are interested in joining, e-mail illinoisoldtimefiddlers@gmail.com for more details.